Repairs & Authorised Spares

In the event that your door becomes damaged and remedial work is required, our experienced team of site engineers will ensure that they are brought back up to the appropriate standard. We also provide authorised spares sourced from high-quality manufacturers, and with a mobile team based across the UK, we provide a consistent and efficient service.

We have many standards in place to ensure your doors are built to endure, but if necessary repair work has been identified, then we will work with you to provide the most efficient solution and leave you with a robust door suitable for your needs.

If you have:

– Security doors (including sliding, folding, latched, hinged, with modifications available)

– Fire and blast doors (including hinged, sliding, blast resistance)

– Environment doors (including acoustic, flood proof, pressure resistant)

…then we can carry out the repairs needed, with the authorised spares required.

We have a bank of authorised spares to call upon should you need any, with our site engineers able to carry out the repairs needed. With experienced engineers, quality materials, and responsive customer service teams, we will have your door back to full strength as quickly as possible.

If there is any repair work needed on your industrial doors – whether they were fitted by us or not – get in touch with the team and we will help.

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