Rhino Site Systems MD calls for greater awareness of critical door maintenance legislation

May 30 2022

The managing director of one of the UK’s leading door installation and maintenance firms is calling for greater awareness of legislation enforcing the regular upkeep of personnel doors.

Paul Andrews, who leads Rhino Site Systems, has worked in operations and service management roles at global industrial manufacturers since 1992, and believes that businesses need to be made more aware of current regulations.

The regular maintenance of doors should be a top priority for businesses, to ensure their products are operating correctly and to avoid damage and costly repairs down the line.

Qualified engineers and specialist service providers understand the criticality of keeping a regular maintenance schedule for doors, but its importance needs to be more far-reaching.

By law, personnel doors on commercial premises need to adhere to multiple regulations to be considered fit for purpose.

These include Regulation 5 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations (1992), Regulation 6 of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (1998), and the Supply of Machinery Regulations (2008).

“Many of our customers do realise the importance of maintaining their personnel doors,” said Paul Andrews, Managing Director of Rhino Site Systems.

“But there is still a lack of knowledge surrounding the specific regulations in place and the serious implications for businesses that don’t adhere to them.

“Many of the doors we service and maintain are situated in sensitive, and often dangerous, sites for the purpose of protecting people and critical assets.

“We need industry-wide cooperation to ensure that businesses are informed of their obligations, and that their products continue operating at the optimal level to avoid potential damage or injury”.

Rhino Site Systems offers comprehensive maintenance packages, as well as standalone services, for clients across a range of sectors.

Find out more about Rhino Site Systems here.

Learn more about the legislation and the importance of maintaining personnel doors here.


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