Case study: Munitions depot

March 27 2023

Installing a suite of CPNI doors at a munitions depot located near Loch Long, Argyll and Bute, in Scotland, presented complex challenges for the Rhino Site Systems team. Covering an area of 226 hectares and containing more than 50 magazines built into a hillside, the project took strategic planning and foresight to ensure timely delivery and customer satisfaction.


The background: 

In 2022, Rhino Doors was commissioned to supply the depot with five large, manual CPNI sliding/folding doors, and Rhino Site Systems was appointed to carry out the installation of the doors. The installation was scheduled to take place over 10 working weeks – two weeks per building – but with the site over 400 miles from our Port Talbot base, the project required a team of four fitters to work long weeks to complete the installation to deadline. 

Rhino Doors worked as the primary contractor and employed a local company to complete the civil works, which meant coordinating all the operations for a project which was taking place more than eight hours away.


The challenge: 

The layout of the site was particularly challenging, situated up the side of a mountain, and because of the logistical difficulties, the transportation of the doors was slow. Alongside this, there was other work going on at the site, including the excavation of the only road, so everything had to be planned in meticulous detail. 

The delivery of the doors had to be carried out by two lorries, one of which was an articulated lorry that transported the doors from Port Talbot, South Wales. But because the roads were tight and the articulated lorry couldn’t complete the delivery, a smaller lorry, fitted with a hiab, was used to move the doors almost five miles up the mountain. Following this, a forklift truck was needed to carry the pallets of doors to the site. 

Alongside the challenges that the terrain presented, adverse weather conditions had to be contended with too, with very cold temperatures and high winds impacting on the team’s journey to the site.


The result: 

Despite the complexities of reaching the site, the installation was successfully completed before the required deadline, due to the expertise of the team. Installation began in early January and was completed by the end of February. 

This munitions depot project is testament to the exceptional work of the Rhino Engineering Group and its subsidiaries. From production of the doors through to project management and installation, the customer received a seamless service, integrated across multiple elements of the Group’s business.


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