Spotlight on: Complex Installation Projects

December 8 2021

With a wealth of experience in the installation and maintenance of bespoke engineered doors, Rhino Site Systems works on a range of complex projects for clients across diverse sectors. In the last year, however, one project proved especially challenging. We were commissioned by a client to install a bespoke CPNI door on a remote Scottish island; this project was somewhat out of the ordinary and required meticulous planning to execute. 

The CPNI door in question was required to resist an additional blast load, well in excess of the typical capabilities of our standard door. Working alongside our sister company, Rhino Doors, we adapted to the complexities of the project and delivered a first-class service to our client. 

The main challenge of the overall project was the remote location of the final installation, which was on an island just off the Scottish mainland where the frequency of sea crossings is particularly unreliable, especially when travelling in the depths of winter. 

Here, we look closely at this particular project, including input from key team members to highlight the ways in which we overcame challenges through strategic planning. 

Steve Pirie, Site Supervisor at Rhino Site Systems, recalls some of the difficulties associated with the installation of these very heavy CPNI vehicle access doors on the remote island. 

“Travelling from our base in Port Talbot to the remote island was a 650-mile trip, taking two days. Due to its location off the mainland, we had to travel by ferry from Mallaig and crossings here are often delayed because of the weather, so we needed to be prepared to adapt our planned schedule if needed. 

“We also needed a thorough plan before embarking on the trip. On the island, the facilities are limited and if additional parts are needed, it can take several days to source them, so it was paramount that we had everything we needed to complete the installation as planned. 

“Due to the additional blast load requirements, the doors were heavier than the standard CPNI products we work with, and this increased weight made it a more complex installation. All weights needed to be checked so we could hire the correct lifting equipment, and we had to pay close attention to the weather conditions to understand if it was safe to proceed with installing the doors. 

“Despite these challenges, the install went very successfully because of the meticulous planning that went into our trip and our understanding of the various mitigating factors and the impact they could have on the doors’ installation.” 

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