Spotlight on: Underground Rail Installations

December 20 2021

With a team highly experienced in the installation and maintenance of engineered doors, we’ve built up a first-class reputation across various sectors due to our exceptional customer service and knowledge of industry best practice. It’s for this reason that clients come to us and trust us to work on complex projects, installing products often in challenging circumstances. 

So, when a major rail network was looking for a partner to install high-performance doors in a complex location, Rhino Site Systems rose to the challenge. 

We were commissioned to install double leaf, stainless steel fire doors to protect a sub-surface track-facing maintenance pod in an underground setting. Given the environment and installation requirements, this would not be a simple, everyday task. 

The main challenge associated with this project was the congested nature of the installation area, which meant that precision engineering and 3D modelling was required from our sister company, Rhino Doors, in order for us to fully get to grips with what was required of our team.  

Here, we take a look behind the scenes of this project and hear from a key team member to explore how challenges were overcome through strategic planning. 

Paul Andrews, Managing Director at Rhino Site Systems, looks back at the difficulties the installation team faced on this particular project. 

“This rail installation project was challenging for several reasons. All work had to be carried out at night after all train services had finished, meaning that the window of opportunity was very small, with only four hours for the team to ensure equipment was in place and that work was completed on time. 

“The location for this, as well as the time of day, meant that any assistance from the client was minimal, so the team installing the doors had to be self-sufficient and organised. 

“Each door installed on site was coated with a paint system to maintain the critical fire rating, so lifting each door in place and ensuring the paint wasn’t damaged was another challenge for the team. We also had to install the doors in accordance with the agreed programme, and to the client’s strict requirements. 

“At Rhino Site Systems, we pride ourselves on the work we do to meet the complex needs of the transport sector, and this case study is a great example of our team demonstrating their expertise and seamlessly meeting the demands of a challenging project.” 

Are you looking for a partner to work on the maintenance and installation of industrial doors? Find out more about Rhino Site Systems and the services we offer here. 

You can also explore the range of projects our sister company, Rhino Doors, has worked on here. 


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